Seth Godin doesn’t care about your blogging rules

Strange how Seth Godin, one of the world’s most popular bloggers, doesn’t seem to give a crap about blogging or content marketing rules.

His titles are in sentence case. Could this have something to do with sentence case being easier on the eye than title case?

He doesn’t use subtitles. Which makes sense — why use an explainer when your title should be enough to pull someone in?

Shockingly, Seth Godin doesn’t turn to clickbait Unsplash imagery or corporate Getty images. By being ultra-focussed on his words, it’s weird how his posts do so well for engagement. Also weird: his readability scores are always above 60.

There are no subheadings to be found in his posts, either. Is that because a post should be read in one sitting, and not be a collection of broken thoughts, tangents, or confusing features?

And, finally, Seth Godin’s posts are short. Most of them one-minute reads. He must’ve missed the memo from SEO experts proclaiming 800–1000 words the magic number to aim for, or longer blog posts performing better. Does punchy brevity improve your chances of being memorable?

What do you think?

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