We live in a world where fame and fortune seems ridiculously easy to grab — some random bloke on YouTube spouting stuff could look like he’s making more money than a CEO. Sport stars turning up for an hour a week bring in hundreds of thousand a week.

Technology/social media has opened the game up. I can start my own company, record my own music, publish my own book etc today if I wanted to. It’s the idea that’s key. It’s the contacts. The networking. Which, again, tech has opened up. Seemingly.

What else can you offer apart from payment?

Millennials dance to a different tune now. Any employer who doesn’t get that and who is unwilling to empower individuals will be seen as old hat.

Writer with over 20 years in the game. Enjoys writing poetry, fiction, satire, and personal articles. Buy me a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/bogdantiganov

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