Learn from social media show-offs

Here’s why.

Success should inspire you

Yeah, it’s annoying when someone’s earning more than you or cruising around in a Tesla.

How dare it not be you. But, think about it, maybe it should be you.

If they can do it, then so can you. What makes them special anyway. Yeah, it should be you. Turn should into could — don’t accept would as a substitute.

Go on holiday, now

Look at them, living it up in the sunshine, sipping cocktails and posing. Their photos will immediately pop up on Facebook and Instagram with comments like “Wish I was there, looks wonderful, WOW smiley face” — what’s that telling you?

It’s telling you to fuck it — pack those bags and go.

You’re working too hard while these people are relaxing too much, right? So it’s your turn to relax now while they can fuck off back to work hahaHA.

You need more stuff

The TV, the games console, the branded caterpillar should inspire you to buy more stuff. What do you think credit cards are for? What’s PayPal for? What’s Amazon for? What? You tell me.

That’s right, it’s for buying stuff, lots and lots of stuff, all of the time.

Remember, the moment you’ve bought something it’s already old and decaying. It’s already at the bottom of someone’s dusty wardrobe. Keep on buying, some day you’re bound catch up.

Beauty and the bastard

So some people are hitting the gym hard and are blessed, blessed I tell you, with beautiful genes. Stop drooling, you can be beautiful too.

Let their beauty toss out your beauty.

It’s never too old to embrace your inner film star. Life is like a movie and you’re the lead — make it an Oscar-winning performance.

Writer with over 20 years in the game. Enjoys writing poetry, fiction, satire, and personal articles. Buy me a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/bogdantiganov

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